February 29, 2004 at 1:01 pm | blabbing.

I spent a few hours this weekend fighting with my Emagic Logic 6 software.

First of all the software should be called Illogic. Their whole licensing scheme for that program treats you like a theif even after shelling out hundreds of dollars to buy it. This weekends trials were based on their neat little trick of including all these other plugins with the software that you bought and then turning them off after a trial period. The fucked up thing is that the plugin costs more than I paid for the program itself.

A nice little capper to all of this is that Logic 6 is sold with a couple of other programs in what is called a “Big Box”. What they don’t tell you is that 2 of the 3 other programs that come with Logic will not work with Logic 6 if you install it on Os X. This little bit of info they do not tell you on the front cover where they so loudly proclaim that it is built for Os X, or as you install it.

So now here I am I have moved all of my samples over to my hard drive, the sampler (EXS24 )that I thought came with Logic 6 does not work, the plugin sampler that came as an extra in my “Big Box” (EXSP24) does not work with Logic 6 and now I have to shell out $299 just to get my functionality back.

!@##$(*$&%$&^#$&# software bastards