March 23, 2012 at 9:28 am | Apple, Design, Programming, web.

Create sparse disk imageIf you have run into problems checking out a case sensitive site repository to work on locally, you may know this frustration. Someone may have created a file in your repository that has the same name as another file but with different cases. eg. (imagename.png, ImageName.png) Your repository may know these as two different files but your Mac won’t (At least out of the box)

So what are you to do?

Well you can follow the following steps like I learned from some friends

  1. Goto Disk Utility and create a new disk image that is the size needed for your repository
  2. Make it a sparse disk image
  3. pick the size that you need
  4. Save it in your sites folder (or where ever your apache or web server is running)
  5. Open terminal and go to the folder in your new volume (cd /Volumes/name of your image/)
  6. check out your repository into your new volume (svn co .)
  7. Now go to your Sites folder in terminal cd /Users/your name/sites/ (or where ever your web server is looking for your local sites)
  8. create a symbolic link from a folder where your webserver will be looking for your new repository to the new case-sensitive volume you have created
    ln -s /Volumes/Name of Disk Image/ nameOfFolderInYourSitesDirectory/
    It’s important that there is NOT already a folder with this name already in your Sites directory.