November 17, 2005 at 11:20 pm | blabbing.

When you tell the person that put you in a cast that it is uncomfortable, and they look at you like you insulted them you start to wonder about the medical profession.

I went in to the doctors in the hope of getting a more comfortable cast. I love what Alanna has done to my cast, but it is still fairly uncomfortable and its kinda shabily put together. With gauze instead of some sort of fabric its kinda coming apart.

My doctor informed me that I actually should be in a MORE restrictive cast and that she cannot risk putting another one on because she has this one just where she wants it. So she extended my cast 3/4 the way up my arm.

Now my arm is permanently in the arm wrestling position.

On a good note I did get a Wacom tablet at work so at least I can use my left hand, which I write with. Its pretty rockin.

Alanna has been super good to me, making me food and keeping me from being a dork and trying to do things that I should not do with my arm. She is the best and when I get better I will make her nice dinners and buy her small ponies and shiney trinkets.