June 20, 2008 at 11:18 am | blabbing, web.

I was talking to Alanna this morning about how PhotoShop should have a grid palette or some other sort better grid device than the simple “preferences/grid” built in. As I was looking around, when I got to work, I found a nice grid making script made by Andrew Ingram. It was also written about in John Nack’s Adobe blog.

This small script file goes in your “photoshop/presents/scripts” folder, on your hard drive, and you can use it to auto create a new document that has all your “Guides” already setup for you. The super cool thing is that if you re-size your document, which is something that happens a lot, it will move the “Guides” also.

Todd at work thinks that Photoshop just doesn’t have the same grid making devices as other layout programs like InDesign, because PhotoShop was not originally made to do layout. It has only ‘evolved’ into the standard for web layout and that web designers have been slower to adopt grids for design than print. I think he is right on target here. I still think Adobe should make this a better implemented feature inside of PhotoShop though. Something like how it is implemented in InDesign maybe. A palette where you can apply, save, update your grids. They would not have the same effect as InDesign where changing the grid automatically changes all the content inside of it, but it would help designers with layout decisions in the web space.

Grids make good design.