April 4, 2006 at 7:33 am | music.

I finally sold my 70’s silver face twin the other day. I had tried to put it on Craigslist and I showed it to one guy, but then I realized that it needed tubes and I didn’t want to try and sell it without knowing that it was not going to fuckup for someone else.

I got some nice power tubes through www.thetubestore.com and it was super cool. They have a nice site where they tell you all about the kind of tubes they are and what kind of sounds they are good for. I remember in the old days you had to hope and pray that you could find the tubes in old school repair places. Now you can pop on the web and find some Electro-Harmonix or Mullard or Sovteks or Svetlans like you were shopping for anything else.

I love the web.

After putting my new tubes in I found a nice guy who cam all the way down from Santa Rosa and he was nice and appreciated an old amp with some miles on it.

So that leaves me with the Marshall combo and the Mesa Mark IV. I think I’ll survive.