April 28, 2007 at 4:17 pm | blabbing.

Garage SaleToday is the start of our garage sale weekend. I worked to get all our stuff outside on the back patio of our building and put up posters. I had already put some posts on Craigslist.org to get the regular garage sale crowd.

    Cast of Characters:

  • Dan Dan the electronics man: Right away you will see Dan. He will announce himself to your garage sale with something like “Hey now, where did you get all this stuff? Alanna doesn’t like Dan because she thinks he takes advantage and tries to get everything for a dollar. Which I guess is his job at the sale. I like Dan because he takes everything. He doesn’t weed through your games and DVDs and take the ones that are worth money. He takes everything. The good with the bad.
  • Yuri the music guy: This guy will quietly walk into your garage sale, nod a hello and immediately get on his cell phone, to what I can only expect is a vast network of Russian yard sale mafia. He then picks a couple of things that he wants and has his cohorts thoroughly vet them while he is standing there. Once he is sure these can be useful he then tries to get them for dirt and maybe a sackful of beans. Alanna dislikes him as well. I take the long view. He is willing to take all of his items if only you would offer some sort of something to make him think that he is getting a better deal than what you are offering. He is happy, we are happy. Done.
  • Mr. Dash the book superheroe: You can easily tell this guy if he pulls up to your sale, because his car is weighed down by 10 to 15 thousand books. Maybe he is a bookmobile, who knows. This man can find the books that are worth something in your pile with a blindfold on. Usually he makes his picks inside of 2 minutes and is on his way. Off to the next sale where he will be just as efficient. If he could fly in and out with rocket boots he probable would already have them.

We had lots of nice folks and we are out in the sunshine tomorrow as well. Whatever doesn’t sell I will pick through and make my list for what goes on Ebay and what goes to Goodwill.