April 15, 2021 at 12:05 pm | blabbing.

Something I ran across recently that I liked.

There are two types of games: finite games where rules are known & an end is set, & infinite game, where the rules can change and the end is unknown, & rules can change. Your outlook/beliefs will determine the game you believe you are playing.

If you believe you are playing a finite game, follow the rules accordingly.

If you believe you are playing an infinite game There are two types of tasks:

1) Directional tasks: tasks you do to achieve some goal (e.g. doing the dishes)
2) Experiential tasks: task you do for the sake of doing them (going for a walk in the woods with no destination)

If the game is infinite, and if the rules are changing constantly Then you know you cannot win intentionally by completing directional tasks. Therefore, spend time on Experiential tasks. Do what you enjoy doing for the sake of doing it. And if you find that your outlook on the game of life changes, change your task type accordingly.