November 18, 2007 at 10:57 pm | blabbing.

applelogo.pngI am finally finished getting my new computer and music studio setup together. The last two pieces were my new Universal Audio PCIe card and an upgrade to Logic Studio.

The strange but great part about all of this, is that I didn’t have any show stoppers at all. No software that doesn’t work, no hardware that is not compatible. One piece after the other was able to be installed and work. I mean some stuff needed updated drivers, but I was able to get them. Everything worked, and I am kind of amazed.

The new Logic Studio is super great. One panel interface where everything is right in front of you. I was kind of amazed and caught of guard by the “Take” versioning. Makes putting multiple takes together and trying different combinations a snap. I haven’t even delved into the other parts like SoundTrack and MainStage.

I bought a new MacPro the week after the new operating system came out and I have been able to not only get totally moved over to the new system, but I have totally redone my project studio in two weeks. Thanks Apple.