July 30, 2007 at 7:35 pm | blabbing.

We were talking over the weekend with friends and we had a tough time finding a magazine or website that had general financial help for regular people. It just seemed like all the stuff we read was for people who already had lots of money. All the profiles we about people who had made lots of money and were retiring early, or were about people who already had boatloads of money and all the nice places they put it. They don’t talk about financial software or a good tax accountant. How about retirement age planning?

I don’t need another article about how to pick and manage a summer vacation home, the world needs more articles about how to buy and live in a home you can afford. I think the abundance of mortgage defaults would lend some credence to this. We don’t need to hear about how a an ex-wall st. exec. and his Bear Sterns analyst wife are moving their money into all sorts of hedge funds. We need to learn about buying in bulk and graphs on how to save for your kids college.

How about a simple chart that goes over how much you should be putting away each year in lots of different wage brackets? A basic rule is 10% of your income but there could be some good stuff written about this. Instead all I can really find in finance magazines is stuff about bargain vacations. Here’s a bargain. Put the money in the bank and go camping asshole.

Update: Found a nice blog called The Simple Dollar.
Look here’s another one