September 21, 2004 at 8:01 am | music.

Got a nice email from the boys over at Failure (Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards) that they have come out with a CD/DVD combo of unreleased tracks and footage and you can find it for sale from the nice folks over at

Here is a small list of the great stuff on it:

FAILURE – GOLDEN : Unreleased Sounds and Images.

The 2-disc package includes a DVD and audio CD.

DVD features:
– 40 Minute Documentary covering the Band’s entire history.
– Commentary by Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards.
– Slideshows featuring Recording, Touring, Concert, and Publicty Photos.
– Unreleased Songs and Extras.

CD includes:
11 Unreleased original songs by Failure:

1) Shrine (4 Track Demo)
2) Golden (4 Track Demo)
3) Pennies (4 Track Demo)
4) Petting the Carpet (Comfort Out Take)
5) Gone (4 Track Demo)
6) Mange (4 Track Demo)
7) Perfect Prisons (Rehearsal)
8) Untitled (4 Track Demo)
9) Lucky Shoreline (4 Track Demo)
10) Wake Up (Fantastic Planet Out Take)
11) You’re Too Much (4 Track Demo)

Since I have just about everything else they have done, I might as well pick this one up too.