July 18, 2008 at 1:45 pm | blabbing, business.

Former vice president Al Gore has layed down “the green gauntlet” (kinda silly way to put it) to put America on the track to energy independence. I have been blabbing at people for years about this. Get a beer in me and ask me about energy, and I will spill out over the sides talking about how we need an “Energy Moon Shot“. The only people who are against this are people who have something to gain by it not happening.

  • Update the US energy grid so that everyone can be a producer as well as a consumer
  • Connected the entire energy grid to let electricity move around more freely
  • Remove all Gas and oil taxes breaks and put them toward, Solar, Wind and Water energy incentives
  • Remove the penny from circulation and round all transactions up. Use the money generated to first pay the national debt then put toward energy independence.
  • New Manhattan Project – Task all the scientists available with creating new electric based fuel cell technologies

I am not optimistic about this happening though. A wise man once told me, “oil is the way it works, because it can be owned. As soon as energy is a process and not a commodity then all hell breaks loose. People who own the commodity will never let that happen.”