January 6, 2009 at 10:52 am | blabbing, business, web.

I am in the middle of switching from a PC to a MAC at work right now and the one thing that would make my life much easier is to be able to just “roll up” my existing PC machine install (XP SP3) into a Virtual Machine and keep it going on my MAC. I realize this may be like saying I want to go to the moon in my cardboard box but it sure would make my life much easier.

I love Parallels. I have it on both my machine at home and at work, but what I don’t really want to do, is have to re-install an OS and all the functions and programs I am working on, in order to keep one program running or just to save an an existing install for backup reasons.

Parallels makes it relatively easy to make a new virtual machine with an install of Linux or Windows but how about creating an image of one that is already up and working?

Pretty please? 😉

BB pointed out that Parallels has a service like this its called Parallels Transporter and it comes with the install of Parallels. You can create the image of the machine on the machine itself or over the network from your MAC. Super cool. (Need to make sure your version of the Parallels Transporter Agent is the same on both machines and that you have enough Disc space to hold the new OS image file though.)