July 3, 2008 at 4:09 pm | blabbing.

An apology for Patrick
Originally I said some things about the court reporters in my blog that were, well “idiotic”. I have never been one to shrug off good well aimed criticism, and Patrick one of the court reporters on my trial, well he had every right. I have no only taken off all the dumb stuff that I said but I am putting this permanent record on my blog of what a retard I am.

So Patrick, I’m sorry. I acted like an asshole. I made some retarded comments that were juvenile and I apologize.

The sales man
Our first witness was a guy central to pretty much everything that went on with the case. If it weren’t for him there would be no case. Not to say that that he caused any problems but he is the nexus of all other relationships in the case. Everyone knew each other threw him. Bob as I’ll call him (not his real name) is a small time local who thought he was makin a good buck and thought there were some more bucks to be made down the road. His nervous wife (learned later it was his boss, not his wife) sat in the back of small courtroom and If she had a stress ball I think she would have broke it. Think of Norm from Cheers and you might be half way there. Not sure what his story is, because they are not done beating him with the bats yet. I’m sure he will be mostly done by next week.

Mostly, the lawyers and everybody are good eggs. No one is being a dick or not being courteous, at least not yet. Maybe the long knives comes out later on we’ll see. It’s kinda like we are being held captive but its a nice captivity. Kinda like Hogans Heros. I’m not sure who Hogan is though.

Since there are so many IT guys on the jury the things that get the most snickers are the IT problems in the courtroom. The lawyers fumbling with the overhead projector (overhead projector? Jeezus do they still make those?), the court people talking about problems etc. The judge even made a joke when the reporter was having problems that he should ask the people in the jury to help because we had so many people who knew computers, but rules made that impossible. Can you imagine 5 IT pros watching clueless court staff and lawyers messing with electronics and not being able to do a thing? I keep waiting for one of them to stand up yell “I can’t take it” jump the wall and fix that damn thing just so we can move on.