July 28, 2008 at 10:44 am | blabbing.

Alanna and I got lots done this weekend. After my haircut, we went downtown on Saturday and returned some stuff for other cooler stuff that we love. We found a cool shawl for Alanna to wear with her dress at the wedding. At Macy’s we got me some cuff links and socks to got with my suit. After, we stopped at the grocery store and the cheese shop on the way home and put together a great dinner. Then we got most of our ceremony worked out for the wedding.

Sunday we did a whole lot grocery shopping and we got lots of goodies for people who are coming to the wedding. Then we went cleaning crazy on the apartment, we even cleaned the wood floors in the living room.

Every week we think that we will take lots of time to rest over the weekend, but we just end up piling up lots of stuff for us to do. Now its Monday and I feel like I worked another two days. When do we actually get a day off when we can just be blobs and sit around and pick our noses. Less that two weeks til the wedding. We’re in the home stretch.