June 22, 2007 at 12:19 am | blabbing.

Let me tell you the key to being famous. Having a huge head. Now I know what your thinking, but I mean this in the literal sense. Didn’t you ever meet someone famous and think “Oh, my god they have a huge head.” Yes… I’ll bet you did. You want to know why? (And I am not talking about Jamie Zawinski’s big head people in the background phenomenon)

People with abnormally large heads compared to their bodies look better on camera. I mean take a look at some famous people and its like a bobble head collection. Bono? He’s like 5ft nothing with a huge head. Deniro? he is like 5.5″ with a huge head. If your body is proportionally correct you have absolutely no chance of being famous. I mean on screen that is.

Paris Hilton is like a watermelon attached to a match stick, and she has not discernable talent what so ever. How does this work?

Maybe the phrase “He’s getting a big head” has some basis in fact?