May 18, 2008 at 11:06 am | blabbing.

Every city has one of these events. The kind of event where a whole population just lets it all hang out and takes a big exhale. Bay to Breakers has become more and more just a big walking party. Yeah, sure there are people who are running, but there are also people who didn’t sign up and will never finish. Its not about finishing, at the least for some people. Its about dressing up, drinking beer, bringing your beach chair and your camera and being part of the great big city party for the day.

There are serious people who just want to run, there are people with messages, people with serious amounts of alcohol just trying to stumble to the finish, there are people with great costumes and there are people with no clothes at all. As far as the eye can see there are people. This year there seems to be more strippers than Elvis’, and more alcohol than water. I guess everybody just needs a nice sunday to go bat shit crazy and howl at the noon day sun or fog in this case.

Later on they will clean up the plastic cups and hose down all the corners an everybody will try to make it work tomorrow.