January 22, 2007 at 6:33 pm | blabbing.

Well I made it. After a strange day of sitting around they put the funny hat on me as a signal that it was my turn to spin the wheel and in I went.

They gave me the usual prep of asking me the same 4 questions over and over
while I am getting ready and then when you least expect it pop your out. No, “Count down from 10” no, “here we go” just waking up in a different room with a cast going “What the?”

The rest of the day was easy, cause for the next 18hours I just slept and rolled my
eyes around at home. The trouble started about 1am on Friday morning when things I guess caught up with me.

Friday was bad time of throwing up my shoes so many times I wasn’t sure if they were really mine. My world was reduced to the distance between the bathroom and the bed. Me and prescriptions drugs don’t really get along and my kidneys were fighting back. Alanna, bless every inch of that green eyed soul, went and got me some sort of strange anti-nausea medication that seemed to keep my shoes or whatever was left of my stomach in its place. The rest felt like a highschool football game in the rain: “Inch by fucking inch”.

Water – sleep – crackers – sleep – juice – sleep – broth – sleep – 2 bites of toast – sleep – water – couch – tea – sleep

The next thing you know you can eat half a meal and make your way by yourself to the coffee shop for tea and five minutes in the panhandle looking at the sun like its your very own personal invention.

As of today I am back at work and kinda pulling myself together. Inch by MFin inch.

Ain’t that the way..