August 21, 2006 at 3:40 pm | blabbing.

All those happy gift givers who would just love to get me something extra special for my birthday, here are a couple of things.

1. New MAC keyboard and mighty mouse. (Not wireless)
2. iTunes Gift Cards. (I likes me some music)
3. Musicians Friend Gift cards. (its kinda hard to explain all the software and microphones that I want. I think I may have even broken their wishlist system with over use)
4. A Straight Razor. (Screw Gillette and their infinite pony ride. I’m gonna learn how to shave like a man.)
5. A Ducati 749s Superbike (Just kidding…… Not really…… )
6. Carnival Season One – Its a dustbowl, no its a madhouse
7. Deadwood Season One – Come on you @*#&@&#*!^ Hoopleheads
8. Bogart Films are always appreciated

As always check with my girl before buying me anything because she spoils me rotten.