Google utmz cookie values

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When trying to get values from PPC campaigns into marketing automation or into form fields, it’s always helpful to know what fields inside the Google utmz cookie match to which fields. Here is a basic list of the variables in the cookie and how they match up. utmcmd => Medium utmccn => Campaign utmctr =>… Read more »

Importing content from a site

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Couple of quick points when it comes time to move your site over to a self hosted site. This can be especially painful for a large site with lots of users. Export gives user name but no email and NO OTHER content. No password, no author status – You will have to edit this… Read more »

Using colorbox with multiple styles

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If you happen to run into the need to use colobox with two different styles, like one for photos and one for videos you can use the className param in later versions of Colorbox or you can use jQuery to add “addClass” to the wrapper ID so you can target the individual styles that you… Read more »

Google Maps pin bubble

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If you are looking to get rid of the Google Maps location bubble for simple Google maps iFrames try adding &iwloc=near to the end of the iFrame SRC url.

Vimeo video fitvid

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Just testing to see if WordPress will automatically use the Vimeo iFrame embed by simply typing in the Vimeo URL. Oh fitvid. You rock.

Adding Featured image to a post in WordPress

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Quick Youtube movie I did about adding featured images to a post in WordPress. Code that will add the featured image to your post // check if the post has a Post Thumbnail assigned to it. if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) { // This would tell WordPress that if there is a // Featured image to… Read more » a web pla…

Posted by & filed under web. a web platform doc site with the help of W3C, Facebook, Microsoft, Google Mozilla and others.

People have more computing pow…

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People have more computing power in their pocket than was imaginable 25 years ago. It’s not the “Post” PC era, it’s the Super PC era.

Sync Dropbox folder with sites folder

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A quick and easy way to sync a site you are working on between machines is to setup the site in the Dropbox folder on your machine. If you don’t have Dropbox, go and sign up because its a very handy piece of software for keeping files in sync as well as collaborating with others… Read more »