August 19, 2003 at 11:59 pm | blabbing.

It seems to have a little magic in it, and not just cause I was born in it either. When you were a kid August held the height of summer and the end of summer at the same time. August holds those hot long days that seem to last forever and later on, once you turn that magical corner and September is in your mind, it seems to fly by like the days were on roller skates.

My birthday is smack in the middle of those fast days. Parents are dragging kids out to the stores pleading them to try on things that will not fit them by this time next year. Sometimes I think that my birthday is the fastest day of the year. Some years that is a good thing and some years it’s not.

As with lots of birthdays that are near other gift buying seasons I was rewarded with countless “back to school” presents over the years. Binders, shirts, socks, jeans, sometimes I wish I had saved a list of all the presents I’ve gotten for my birthday. I’ll bet sifting through a list like that would be strange, like seeing the seating arrangement for your 5th grade class.