October 12, 2003 at 10:41 pm | blabbing.

We started out a saturday with a nice breakfast at “The Pork Store”. We then cruised around the city and found some more great artists showing their art.

I think the weekend would have turned out even better if I had not gotten sick. I had a little sore throat ealy in the day on saturday and by the time I went to sleep it was a brutal cold. I slept most of the day on sunday and then we went to pick up art we bought and others goodies including my new (totally insanely great) MAC 17″ monitor. My throat even at this point is still pretty fucked up.

Also I took a little time to clean up my computer setup. Take out my old PC, clean up the wires for my MAC. I wish I could create a better way to do cords and connections for computers and stereos. I wonder if someone ever will.

This could be a starting point, but it looks a little complex.