January 9, 2007 at 12:45 pm | blabbing.

Once again I am left with great expectations and little results from Apples much touted releases.

Apple TV…
Well its not really a TV or even a TiVo like device. It is a bridge to play content from your MAC that you purchase through iTunes. It is not even a DVD player.
So what exactly did they accomplish? You now have a way to play the movies and TV shows that you buy through iTunes on a regular TV…. Thats it…

Apple Phone or iPhone
OK, you got me here. This thing is beautiful. The touch screen movement and scrolling is super cool and the way you can zoom into things using touch is so
hot. The thing that really got me was the way it moves from portrait to landscape. They really kicked ass on that one.

You know what might killed this for me? The price and the provider. This is a very expensive iPod nano that locks you into Cingular wireless and you don’t even know how Cingular will lock you up with ringtones, images, wifi and the like. I reserve my judgment on this until I see how it works out with Cingular but I am skeptical. It could be great or it could suck… One thing is for sure. It looks hot and it will change how cell phones work.

I am much more interested in OS-X, lets hope they don’t fuck that one up by turning it into a toaster or refrigerator….