December 23, 2004 at 12:19 pm | blabbing.

Just in case you where wondering if Amazon even had a customer service department, yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. You will not find the customer service number on their site, nor will you find the customer service email address.

But if you type in Amazon and phone number in Google you will find lots of peoples personal blogs that will give you the information that Amazon is so reluctant to.

Amazon Customer Service Phone# 800-201-7575

Funny Article about Finding the Amazon Customer Serivce Number:

The Following was my Feedback to about this order problem.

Step one of the process would have been to have a email and phone where I would be able to contact customer service. It seems that the “Contact Us” section of your site does not actually have any way to contact you.

This page, (customer feedback form) to my knowledge is the only page on your site that actually has the customer service phone number for Amazon. If you type in “Amazon” and “phone number” in Google you do not find a single page on your site that gives this phone number. What you do find are news articles, blog entries and various posts about what a joke it is that no one can find the customer service phone number of

So after I looked up your site through Network Solutions and found the phone number that connected me to your legal department, they were kind enough to leave the customer service phone number on their answering machine. At this point my customer service journey could begin.

I spoke with a very nice woman who let me know that my package was sent with some small service provider in NY called “Choice Logistics”. Now here is where it gets interesting.

It seems that Choice Logistics tried to deliver the package but no one was home to accept. So of course they leave a slip for you to sign so that they can leave it with a neighbor or trusted person, which this person did. But “Choice Logistics” did not leave the package, instead they showed the package as delivered and handed the package to the United States Post Office for later delivery. Of course the person who was to receive this package would not have been able to obtain any of this information because this was a gift and they did not have the all important Order#. I think maybe next time you should cut out the middle man and go with the USPS direct.

I do not want to tell you how to run your business, but I think the bigger problem was the fact that it took me so long to find “Customer Service” before I could work out the problem. (Which I finally did, by calling Choice Logistics, and not

Now everytime I go to buy something from you, I will have to remember this incident and think twice. That is not something you want your customers to do.

P.S. You should work on this Feedback form. Taking all the spaces and returns out of the text makes it look like a mess.