June 30, 2008 at 10:46 pm | business, web.

In one way or another all hosting providers suck. Either they are super cool and give you lots of stuff but their servers are down ALL THE TIME or they are super on top of it but they don’t have good server plans and they are expensive.

EVERY hosting provider has something that will drive you nuts.

  • Hostway – Expensive crappy plans with no multiple domain hosting. Good control panel though
  • Dreamhost– Awesome control panel and one-click installs along with free multiple domain hosting. Nice people but the servers are down constantly.
  • Aplus – cheap plans and the servers stay up, but a crappy control panel, no mutiple domains, no one-click installs and Zero customer support.
  • Rackspace – awesome place, but I don’t have a trillion dollars to spend on my crappy websites.

The list is endless. I have yet to find a hosting provider that I was happy with for more than 6 months. In over 10 years. Wow that is really crappy.

While I am writing this post about hosting providers sucking. My hosting provider has gone down AGAIN.

07/01/08 – Updated on this. The reason my hosting was going down was very surprising. It seems that my old band tinyblackdots just happens to be “big in japan”. Japanese and chinese search engines had scraped my site and were offering free downloads directly to the music on my site. These thousands of downloads were crippling my server and causing all my other sites be down. Had to move my MP3s to the myspace.com site for my old band. I guess there is a reason for everything.

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