April 7, 2008 at 10:30 am | blabbing.

Alanna worked super hard this weekend to get her senior solo show up and running at CCA. Friday we had a nice night together, kinda like the quiet before the storm. Saturday was a whirlwind of driving. Down to Menlo Park for a childs birthday party, over to Berkeley to get some wine at Kermit Lynch, back into the city to get some paintings at my work and then home for me and down to the studio for Alanna to start getting her show together. Saturday night I made some pasta with sausage and Alanna worked at CCA until midnight.

Sunday was a full day of hanging out at CCA. I made a quick and useless trip to Guitar Center (Get hard center) to look at guitars. I will never go there on a weekend again. It was a frakin zoo. I actually heard someone playing “Stairway to Heaven“, and couldn’t control my laughter. I looked over and some other guy was laughing at the same thing. I decided to just head back to hang with Alanna at CCA. We got some visits by friends and family that made the long day worth it. We left CCA and had a couple of beers at Parkside, but got kicked out because there was a show that night.

quicktime logoQuicktime Movie of the Space – 6MB

We went home and had some snacks and wine and gabbed for a while in kitchen. Then we relaxed on the couch and watched “Dan in Real life”.