December 31, 2007 at 10:11 am | blabbing.

Full cavity searchWe waited at the Portland airport for about 3 1/2 hours Thursday while our plane was pushed back over and over again because of problems in Seattle, which you can drive to in about 3 hours. After we finally got on the plane at around 9:30pm we are loaded onto a tiny commuter jet with one bathroom in the back. Before the plane even takes off there is a kid a couple of rows in front of us who starts puking into this sick bag. People start hand over their sick bags and trying to help him out.

Once we are in the air, I had the unfortunate experience of using our tiny bathroom at the back of the plane. What I didn’t notice in the darkened cabin was that the door was quite small. So after smashing the top of my head and using the bathroom I head back to my seat to listen to more puking.

As we are about to land in SFO a man comes running from the front of the plane to use the bathroom (Something you cannot do on an airplane). He of course is drunk and complaining that he has been waiting to use the bathroom for a half an hour. Once we land we are stuck at the gate while the crew gets the police and the TSA out to our plane to take the nice man into custody. He will probable spend a year in federal prison for that little episode.

In the taxi on the way home from the airport, our taxi drive goes on to explain that in 1987 he got into a fight on a plane to Tokyo and ended up spending four days in jail and then serving 6 months in federal prison. This was before 9/11/2001. What do you think they will do to the guy on our plane? Can you say waterboarding? That will teach you to use Alaska Airlines!!!