July 12, 2003 at 7:29 pm | blabbing.

Alanna and I headed out for a little motoring around the city today. She on her scooter and me on my motorcycle. First we went to the farmers market down at the Ferry building and then on to China beach, where we hung out for a little while. When we got back to the bikes I found out that I had left my key in my ignition and all the lights on which killed the battery. All other stupidity with leaving the keys in my motorcycle aside, my bike does not have a kick start and I had to jump it by going up the hill and running along with the bike and popping it into 1st and letting out the clutch.

Surprisingly this worked on the 3rd try.
(I hope I don’t turn into an obsessive compulsive about checking my ignition all the time)

Once we got going again we went through the Presidio and then on to the Fillmore where we got some coffee and cake and hung out for a little while.

Once I got home I talked with my bro for a little to catch up and now it’s time for a nice dinner at home while listening to the stereo and then a movie (Punch Drunk Love).