April 26, 2003 at 7:36 pm | blabbing.

A good saturday always starts with the Pork Store and this one was no different. Alanna and I went to breakfast and then set out on a little adventure around the bay area. My sister was carless so we could not all go to the zoo and previously surmised. We started with a quick trip down to Adolph Gasser, which were it anything but a camera store would definately turn people off just by name, but thankfully for us was one of the only places in town where you can develope and get 120 film for my Holga as well as get slide film for Alanna and look at sporty expensive lenses for my 35mm. After that it was off to Fry’s electronics which was interupted briefly by stopping by Lynn and Michaels to see if they were up for a little geek road tripping. After that we made short stops at auto parts stores and party supply warehouses.

Let me just say that you can tell how much an owner of an auto parts store loves his business by how clean the place is and by the amount of car and gas station memorabilia is around and if this auto parts store were to be evaluated it would rank an 11…. When this person sells the store the memorabilia will be worth more than the store and all the inventory. He had one of the most beautiful collections of fully restored gas station pumps that I have ever seen.

Party America is one of the weirdest experiences that I have had in while. If the aliens landed tomorrow they would look upon Party America as one of the greatest locations for temporary happiness that this land can come up with. Rows and rows and shelves and shelves of brightly colors festivity waiting to be deployed against the waiting enemy of sadness and ennui.

After these icons of shopping bliss is was on to Fry’s Electronics, which any geek will tell you is as close as anybody is going to get to a ride in santa clauses sleigh.
I was looking a 17″ LCD monitor for home now that my old one is starting to flutter and sputter and other verbs ending in “ER”.

Just a few of the miraculous things that we found or realized would be:

  • A car solor panel for charging your battery while you drive or are not in your car
  • 40GIG drives for $40
  • Monster Battle Game for PS2 (bought)
  • $10 PS2 DVD remote (Bought, not like I need another remote but what the hell)
  • Indescribable small key chain lights
  • The amount of help the sale people are likely to offer is inversely proportionate the amount of things that you are already carrying and are willing to purchase.
  • The walk down the candy covered checkout isle is the hardest isle to walk down and not pick something up.