July 4, 2003 at 12:02 pm | blabbing.

It’s not that I havn’t wanted to write in my weblog, well it’s just that I’ve kinda been a tard. I’ve been workin really hard to finish projects so that we can get some more money in the kitty at work and at the same time my lower back has been freakin out like someone hits me with a baseball bat all night long. (Alanna I’m lookin in your direction….)

Last monday I went to my photography class, even with my back hurting a little, and started to do contact sheets and test prints. I need to develop more film so it gives me more negatives to work with. (Shite, it’s all Shite)

I have even been ignoring the Bonsaii plants that I got. Alanna has been very good and got them planters and is taking care of them. I have been ignoring a lot of things around the house. I feel pretty retarded.

So now it’s July 4th and I have no idea what I should be doing today. I guess I should do the normal thing, which is to get all drunk and blow stuff up.