August 7, 2003 at 12:02 am | blabbing.

I have been very bad and not gone to my photo class in 2 weeks. I think it’s pretty much over for me. I don’t have anything but negatives so that is not going to work in a critique.

I have a membership to the photos lab anyway so I can go there when I want to develope the pics that I want. Just thought I might learn some stuff, but that was not to be. I got way to busy running the business and can barely do laundry much less get away to go to class.

I have been ignoring other things too like my Bonsaii plant. It is very unhappy with me right now. If an elm tree could give me the finger it would be doing it right now.

I have wanted to comment on the SCO more as the little tid bits of info trickle in. All the info that I have read says the SCO is just spreading the FUD and doesn’t have a chance in hell. If you look back at the source code that they bought from Novell it actually contains so many code copies from BSD that they would be serious trouble to open that can of worms again. They should just ask Novell about Novell got their asses handed to them by BSD in the early 90’s then they would maybe shutup about this.

btw. Linux was rockin way before either SCO or IBM got involved. (<Check it out)