July 31, 2003 at 4:00 pm | blabbing.

There is nothing worse than hearing someone at the other end of the phone who is in pain. This is compounded if that person is close to you. It’s like dropping a bomb on your hate meter. You start to imagine various ways in which you will avenge your loved ones pain for these unseen grievances. Your brain then spirals into Wil E. Coyote like fantasies of pain and retribution involving anvils, home made nuclear weapons and large boulder attached to industrial Acme rubber bands.

It’s hard to get your brain out of this hate espeacially when all you really have to go off of is the pain you hear in someones voice. What your brain has to adjust to is that hate is a time waster. Your brain revolves through these scenarios when what it should do is forget all about the person. When you give that person your time and your brain power you give them more power over you, long after they have stopped being the retard that they are.

You should avoid that person and make sure that other people that you meet can learn from your knowledge of what an asswipe they are.