July 20, 2003 at 11:41 pm | blabbing.

Nothing doing about nothing. As Dave says, I feel “locked in the trunk”, but It’s more of a mental trunk and I guess I am more on autopilot. I guess it is burnout from working a bit much over the past couple of weeks. Sometimes I think I’m just getiting burnt on the whole idea of a service business and trying to please clients.

There is only so many times you can argue with people who don’t know anything about what it is you are actually making for them, that their idea will not only be a waste of time and resources but will seriously harm the entire idea itself. I don’t second guess the plumber or auto mechanic about the best way to work on my car or sink. As soon as people think it’s a creative process they think that their opinion should be counted just as much as the person who has been doing it for years. “Can I get that logo in cornflower blue?”

I would also like to start an internationl movement to have the word “Compelling” removed from the english dictionary. This is the most overused term to ever enter the corporate speak handbook. Any time someone doesn’t have a thing to add of any substance they use the word compelling.

Dying babies are compelling. Fire strewn race crashes are compelling. Feelings of impending disaster or euphoria are compelling. Your weak ass “Products” webpage or “Services” tutorial will never be compelling no matter how much “Bling, Bling, Zack, Pow” Flash animated rollover text with sound loops you add.

Somewhere along the line “compelling” got mixed up with “understanding”