July 19, 2003 at 6:17 pm | blabbing.

Last night was a great night. Alanna and I went out to see her friend Rob before he moves back to the east coast. We missed his show, but caught him for some drinks afterwards at the Hotel Rex. We had a good time and then decided that we should run around the St. Francis and try and get on the roof of the hotel. The farthest that we got was the 31st floor stairwell. Nickels bounce pretty high from 31 stories. 😉

Back at work today finishing stuff. I’m extremely pleased with my new motorcycle tires that I got on friday. Went to a great little tire and repair place called KC engineering. They don’t even come up under motorcycle repair or tires when you look around the city.

I have to wait for about 100 miles for the tires to become less slick so until then no going crazy.

We are gonna have a nice night in tonight. Make some pasta, have some wine and watch some movies. It’s a Pink Panther Marathon.